Cherry Blossom isn’t a strain for the hasty. The slow-acting herb likes to take its time, gradually taking effect over the course of several minutes. But while most users are likely to take a few more drags in the absence of immediate effects, it would be wise to spare the extra inhalation. When Cherry Blossom’s effects start to take over, the added dosage might make the unrelenting relaxation a little too overpowering for the novice user.

Yes, the strain is likely to leave you feeling unchanged for a while. But once its impact reaches full blown proportions, the overwhelming wave of calm takes over your system. Starting off by taking your limbs captive, the feather-light feeling of relaxation washes away stress and discomfort, giving rise to a floaty, airy feel that’s balanced and calm. And as you drift off into absolute physical release, the strain relieves cognitive distress for a carefree, effortless disposition.

Uplifting and easy, the strain makes the perfect choice for low tolerance users in search of an experience that doesn’t take the body hostage. With a mild feel of couch-lock, this strain promises the outpouring of happy hormones to keep you completely content as you cozy up in your seat and hum yourself a little tune.


Tradesman Exchange Cherry Blossom Flower 3.5g 16% CBDs


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